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Posted by jc2, 20 October 2016 · 903 views

Peragus DroidstoSith Fun

Make Peragus Fun Again!
That sounds a little less like it's crossing the line to politics.. but I bet the other line caught your eye ;)


I'm a hardcore enthusiast, so this will increase the difficulty of the Peragus (but that can be reduced by in-game difficulty setting) to a new and fun experience.
But for those of us like myself, who live to challenge themselves then this is what you need!


There are Five necessary mods for Peragus, (Note: all of these mods are compatible with TSLRCM)
Driods2Sith http://www.nexusmods...tor2/mods/428/
Darker Peragus - found on deadlystream downloads section
Peragus OTE - texture pack found on http://www.nexusmods...tor2/mods/14/?
TSL Darksword - found in deadlystream downloads by Chainz.2da
Sith Assassin's Sabers- found in deadlystream downloads by ShemL


Depending on your wish for a darker or texture improved lighted areas, there are some files that overlap in the Peragus OTE and Darker Peragus, merely install the only you would like best FIRST, before installing the other.
TSL Darksword adds a Nightsister to Peragus
Droids to SIth mod, changes every Peragus droid to a Sith from kotor 1. It makes the game have a Deja Vu effect that works well with the Harbinger. This adds some difficulty to the game.
Finally, the Sith Assassin's Sabers is extremely necessary, in my biased opinion, because it not only adds a flavor of Sith to the game, but does increase difficulty.


Other mods that add to Peragus are
Wound in the Force - http://www.nexusmods...tor2/mods/745/? -> Gives an excellent Jedi Veteran look to the male player head, (head mod)


Feats and Powers Pack - http://www.nexusmods.../kotor2/mods/57 -> adds extra Feats


K2_hoods - http://www.nexusmods...tor2/mods/155/? -> Because hoods are fun xD


Dark Jedi Robes Pack - deadlystream mod -> It adds robes.


A Closer View - Camera mod from deadlystream so that you can see the new textures better


Then Deadman's Sound mod - http://deadlystream....apon-sound-mod/ -> This adds to the atmospheric feel of the game, very important and goes well with the new textures and darker look.


I did have to use the Kotor tool to extract the appearance, base items, globalcat, upcrystals, all of these are 2da files.
Then i used the 2da merger to merge. Though I did have a few other mods accompanying this, that may have caused the 1 or 2 of these 2da files to need merging.
Which means you may not have to merge each of these 2da files.


If you are unfamilar with the Kotor Tool and/or the 2da Merger, you can find them on Deadlystream in the Modding Tools Section of Downloads. They are actually very easy to use for this task.


Lastly for the TRYHARDS install this MOD http://deadlystream....culty-options/
And choose the HARDCORE option. This will make your nightmares come true ! ;) It's glorious...


Cannon: Since this does change a few things about TSL. Here are a few quick explanations to questions you may have about why there are Sith or blah blah.


The Droids to Sith mod, A cult of Sith born from Malachor decide to pursue the Last Jedi and hear of his or her stay on the Harbinger. They infiltrate Peragus after HK-50 killed all the miners. They destroyed most of the droids and reprogram a few to identify themselves as allies to aid in their search for the Last Jedi. They are actively searching for the Exile! And are about to approach the medical bay.


HK-50 is not their ally. He is unaware of their infiltration to large extent. The Sith Cult are in either full gear or have masks to keep the intoxicants from killing them.


After several of these Sith have been slain, they begin to track you and establish points where you'd likely go.


The Sith Assassins under Sion's command are not in league with these Sith, ( or you could say they were over eager Sith who left to kill the Exile before Sion)


Sion's right hand woman is the Nightsister you run into.


Kreia doesn't sense the Sith Cult because she is disoriented and as she said doesn't glance off near death experiences as well as you do! At least she doesn't say, "your weapons, you will not need them" because you will need a lightsaber found on the corpse of a pickpocketer before his untimely poisoning by HK-50.


Miners never met any Sith. The Sith Cult docked in the Astroid's main supply hangar (not where the ebon hawk was). The Sith Cult makes a final play at getting on to the Ebon Hawk and dies trying to board. The Exile has wiped out this Sith Cult.


Decisions to make! Kill all the Sith before Releasing Atton from the the Prison Cell or they will stand around silly!
When shutting down the containment field so that you can move on to the Miner's Dormitories, the Sith have a power struggle and betray themselves!
Select the option to force the "droids" to attack themselves at the computer before shutting down the containment field.
Sit back, eat popcorn, and watch the Sith Mayhem!


I hope this brings fun to the most boring part of TSL! Well mabye Telos is worse.. idk... ;)


May the Force be With you!

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I never found Peragus boring, those spider droids are cool, if they weren't so big I'd give one to T3 as a pet :P Those floating mines that close in on you and explode, the carbonite turrets, that stuff was fun.

I never found Peragus boring, those spider droids are cool, if they weren't so big I'd give one to T3 as a pet :P Those floating mines that close in on you and explode, the carbonite turrets, that stuff was fun.

Really? It was fun the first few times, but it quickly became the most boring part of it for me. Also, how's your Kreia reskin mod coming along?

Telos is worse.

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