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jc2's Journal

Meet the Clan Leader!

Posted by jc2, 09 May 2017 · 952 views
JC2, SneakPeak, Burkyc, Prudii
Journal Entry 51
Burk'yc Prudii
Two years and five months after Mandalore the Ultimate's demise at the hands of Revan. This planet has become almost nostalgic. It reminds me of Dxun before the War, back when we trained Mando's in swamps, caves, and rivers.
On Dxun some beasts were intelligent, others brainless. Here looks like a Republic recruiting h...

Future Plans for Shanilia?

Posted by jc2, 14 March 2017 · 1,665 views
JC2, Shanilia, Feedback
Future Plans for Shanilia? List any bugs here, if you want. Give any feedback here, if you want. Insert any random comments here, if you want. You get where this is going..... So let's switch over to something new.
Shanilia updates may happen after I patch whatever bugs arise. I didn't want to rush production and release more content to Shanila, without first ma...

Save Mission/Enslave Zaalbar Mod

Posted by jc2, 20 February 2017 · 969 views

 I'm so hyped about modding!
I've been learning, and smashing my head against the keyboard for three days straight. Hardly even eating... wow...
Stayed up to five a.m. two of those days... Anyways, just wanted to let the community know how thankful I am.  Deadlystream is an amazing place, most people are kind/helpful. The rest I haven't s...


Posted by jc2, 20 October 2016 · 584 views
Peragus, DroidstoSith, Fun
#MakePeragusGreatAgain Make Peragus Fun Again!
That sounds a little less like it's crossing the line to politics.. but I bet the other line caught your eye ;) I'm a hardcore enthusiast, so this will increase the difficulty of the Peragus (but that can be reduced by in-game difficulty setting) to a new and fun experience.
But for those of us like myself, who live to challen...

Not Another Ad....

Posted by jc2, 30 September 2016 · 418 views
RevanatorMod, Kotor1, Korriban and 2 more...
REVANATOR'S Improved Korriban Tomb Loot Mod Ever wonder why the Sith on Korriban were spoken of as near mythical in their prowess of combat and control over the dark side of the force? Well now you will know. No. . Now you will experience some of their Hate. Some of their Power!
And the force shall set you free.
Also each item has lost it's dark...

Most Popular Screenshots On Deadlystream, #ColorConfusion

Posted by jc2, in Community Highlights 02 September 2016 · 355 views
NotWhatYoudExpect and 4 more...
Most Popular Screenshots On Deadlystream, #ColorConfusion Exiles and Revans!
I present you - THE TOP 25 Screenshots/photos of Deadlystream.com (only 1 photo per person, so that one person doesn't dominate and so that more of the community can be seen)  The first one! With over 4,000 views, Look to the left of me, is well. Um basic space gear.
Useful when you need it. Shiny when you wash it. Moving...

Breaking Kotor Balance, Not quite as smart as I thought

Posted by jc2, 27 August 2016 · 285 views
Regrets, Hardcore, KotorMadness and 2 more...
Breaking Kotor Balance, Not quite as smart as I thought So after downloading K1 and TSL difficulty Option 1.0
And setting the difficulty on "Horror" I've come to realize it might be a bit impossible. Oh and because that wasn't hard enough, I used the Kotor Saved Editor, latest edition, to make my character 100% soldier without any force powers!
So that means no force heal, no op force lightning, no Insani...

Away from Kotor, SWBF2 Modding sites/links

Posted by jc2, 26 August 2016 · 273 views

Being a Star Wars fan, I need more Kotor. Even if it means playing SWBF2 mod with a Kotor reskin!
Link for that: http://www.moddb.com...lactic-conquest  
Here's a youtube channel that does SWBF2 mods: https://www.youtube....8M-cOpulLTKv4zg
More importantly, on each of his v...

Underrated Game shattering Mod

Posted by jc2, 14 July 2016 · 491 views

Ever felt Kotor 1 was just too easy? You know the 3rd, 4th, or 14th time through?  You might have even felt a bit, just a little bit, like a cheater. I mean come on! We need mods that equip our heroes with Unique looking and OP items. This is necessary, no fault here.  Yet, I couldn't shake the cheeky feeling of cheating. ...
SO I checked our wo...

jc2 Advertisement of Revanator's Mod

Posted by jc2, 14 July 2016 · 396 views

What is Revanator's Differentiated Mod?  
It is an immersive companion mod that extends the dialogue with the Rodian on the Leviathan  
WHY would I* want this?  
Because, it adds to the immersion of Kotor1. Your companions not only have a cutscene originally of how they got onto the Leviathan but now have their own dialogue options! No...

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