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Now This is a Strange File...

Posted by pepoluan, in SW:KotOR, SW:TSL 02 July 2016 · 829 views
swike toolsuite, tools, GFF
BioWare's GFF files are simply... uhh... perplexing. I had... quite an interesting time trying to grasp my head around the ideas. So this post is kind-of a self-note for me. So, we have "Structs". Inside a Struct, there's a property "FieldCount" A Struct can have one "Field", in which case the "DataOrDataOffset" property contains an in...

2DA Parser Works!!

Posted by pepoluan, in SW:KotOR, SW:TSL 02 July 2016 · 511 views
swike toolsuite, tools
Just an update on my project to create new modder tool: 
The .2da file parser works! Yaaay! 
This is the commit where the file parser works. 
Tonight (22:51 at my place as I typed this blog entry) I'm going to work on the .dlg parser. Especially because for unknown reasons KotOR Tools refuse to parse any .dlg files I have.

SWiKe ToolSuite

Posted by pepoluan, in SW:TSL, SW:KotOR 30 June 2016 · 378 views
swike toolsuite, tools
So, as a challenge to my programming skill -- and in great desire of a better way to integrate mods -- I've started a project called "SWiKe ToolSuite". 
Haven't had enough time to actually develop the ToolSuite this week, but starting this weekend I'm going to pour forth some real effort. 
At the very least, thanks to the information kindly shar...

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