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The Musings of Eauxps

When It Is Perfectly Acceptable to Change the Difficulty to "Easy"

Posted by Eauxps I. Fourgott, 10 October 2016 · 751 views

So, I'm making my way through the Undercity, killing Rakghouls. Nothing particularly special. And so I get to one corner which has a ton of them in it. And they start to overwhelm us (as Impossible Difficulty rakghouls will do if they get up close to you). So Mission beats a hasty retreat as I'm already down and Carth stupidly charges into a nest of...

Review: Early M4-78 Mod

Posted by Eauxps I. Fourgott, in Reviews 21 April 2016 · 958 views
Review, M4-78
First off, welcome to my new blog! Not sure how much I'll actually be posting here, but that's not the point. One of the most prominent KOTOR2 mods there is the the M4-78 enhancement project, and I can't imagine that anybody who's looked into these mods at all hasn't heard about it. (Although that might just be because I have a poor imagination.) In...