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Details on my Computer's Issue

Posted by Malkior, 08 May 2017 · 1,939 views

As of a week ago, my home desktop has been getting serious hardware errors (bluescreen of death, specifically), and performance has degraded to nearly the point of programs flat-out freezing at some points.


Unfortunately, this is my only computer I can mod with, so I have to repair it in order to continue making the mods I already started.


I have only a very limited amount of experience in repairing computers, so I might need some one-on-one assistance in actually fixing it.


All I can really tell is that after turning my computer on after about a week away, it showed the infamous Bluescreen of Death and restarted. After the restart, I installed the newest Malwarebytes on the off chance that my AV (Avast) missed something but that returned negative, save some PUPS (potentionally unwanted programs) from an AV I installed a while back which has never caused me these kinds of problems. After the scan, my computer worked fine for a few hours until it restarted via another Bluescreen error with the new issue that my internet adapter suddenly stopped functioning. This happened an additional time following.



Here are my computer's Physical Specs


Manufacturer:Gigabyte Technology Co, LTD
Total Amount of System Memory:2.00 GB RAM
System Type:32-bit Operating System
Number of Processor Cores:3
64-bit Capable:Yes


Total Size of Hard Disk(s):2403 GB
Disk Partition (C:)74 GB Free
Disk Partition (D:)10GB Free
Media Drive (E:)CD/DVD
Disk Partition (F:)636 GB Free (1863 GB Total)


Display Adapter Type:Nvidia GeForce GT 640
Total Available Graphics Memory:2814 MB
Dedicated Graphics Memory:2048 MB
Dedicated System Memory:0 MB
Shared System Memory:766 MB
Display Adapter Driver Version:
Primary Monitor Resolution:1600x900
DirectX Version:DirectX 10


If need be, I have the Windows 7 disk I bought nearby to reinstall/wipe the Hard Drive, but I hope it doesn't come to that.


Additionally, I'm in the market to find a decent priced laptop with similar specs, so if you have any potential ideas, I'd be interested in hearing about them.

Have you run a Memory Test?
Which memory test are you referring to? The only one I can think of is the DirectX Diagnostic tool.

I would suggest starting with the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.
Then run through everything in this program.

As you narrow down issues, I suggest listing them here. Explain how something was crossed off the list.
When I restarted my computer, I saw the diagnostic tool as an option and it returned no memory issues. I am unsure of how to proceed or why it crashed those many times, earlier. My performance has also oddly improved as well...
Were you able to use the other tool?
I finally got a chance to read the readme, and I'm a bit confused. Does the tool diagnose problems or is it just to be used for repair? My scans are coming up negative and I've had no crashes since the event in question. How should I proceed?

It can be used for both.  Perhaps you've repaired your problem without knowing about it?

How's the computer?
So far so good. I haven't run the tool to diagnose if there are any reasons why it was having such sudden problems earlier, as I'm concerned of losing the stability my computer has at the present, however.

My performance is significantly better, but I'm getting all of my pressing mods done as quickly as I can just in case. Is there any risk in running the tool, or am I being paranoid?
If you feel finishing your work is vital, who am I to say no? Finish the work then use the tool. You are likely being cautious but there's no harm in that.
Cool. That's good to know.
If it does turn out to be an issue with my hardware (RAM, Motherboard, Hard-drive, etc..), then I think I'm just going to start fresh with a new computer across the board to alleviate any variables. Thank you for the assistance, BTW.

Any updates?

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