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Discord Server & Streams

Posted by Xuul, 27 May 2016 · 1,140 views

Hi all,


Quick announcement in regards to my streaming and such.


I've created a public discord server (HERE) to use in order to collect and share links and chat in our live-streams.


Since the channel stays up even when I am not streaming it will also allow anyone to post links ahead of time, get help with mods, and just hang out and play games.


I don't plan to JUST use this for the live-steams. I want it to be a place I can hangout and help viewers, and where all of my wonderful internet friends can sit around and talk to eachother.


I plan to do a video on how to set things up if you are unaware, but I would really like it if people came on board to join me. I am currently in need of at least one person to have the moderator badge since I anticipate a few trolls appearing after the announcement video.


You can download discord HERE or just open it up in any web browser once you make an account.



What is Discord?
Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming.
It features:
Both voice chat and text channels
Availability on Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS.
EASY setup

Xuul, I'm willing to come on with you. I will probably need that video, but with it I think I'll manage.

Interesting, will this be like something similar to steam, meaning that can you have this pulled up side by side with a game? If I were playing a game how would I use this? 

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