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The Xuul Report

Discord Server & Streams

Posted by Xuul, 27 May 2016 · 1,141 views

Hi all, Quick announcement in regards to my streaming and such. I've created a public discord server (HERE) to use in order to collect and share links and chat in our live-streams. Since the channel stays up even when I am not streaming it will also allow anyone to post links ahead of time, get help with mods, and just hang out and play ga...

Moving Blog

Posted by Xuul, 26 April 2016 · 621 views

Hello everyone, 
Time for a non Star Wars related update. I bought a house! 
Actually, it is more accurate to say that my girlfriend and I bought a house. It has been a long process that has been eating a lot of my free time. After months of stress the time is now upon us.  
We move right at the start of May, so I will probably be a bit ina...

Playing SWTOR

Posted by Xuul, 17 February 2016 · 1,255 views

I get asked about it a lot. The Old Republic  What do you think of SWTOR? Is it worth playing? Have you played it in the past? I played it at launch and enjoyed the class stories. After hitting level cap I grew bored quickly with the endgames and had no interest in repeating planets with new characters.  My friends stopped playing and I le...

The "Not so deadly" Livestream

Posted by Xuul, 02 February 2016 · 1,215 views

Some of you may be aware that I have started Live streaming. Thank you to those who have already been For now it is just happening on my Youtube channel , but I do want to move over to Twitch at some point: Twitch.tv/MrXuul  The basic premise of these streams are threefold: 1) To test mods for upcoming videos. This way I can get feedback,...

Video Making Information 1

Posted by Xuul, 26 January 2016 · 846 views

Xuul's Video Making Suggestions  Part 1 Recording  Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post.
This post was inspired bu SithHolocron's blog post HERE . Originally I tried to write a lot more, but that didn't work out. I will eventually get around to reworking and posting the rest. This write-up is intended to go alongside a few vi...

An Aspyring talk

Posted by Xuul, 21 September 2015 · 3,661 views

The Xuul Report: Issue #2  Welcome to another entry of the Xuul Report. I will try to post more of these and become a less terrible writer. As always a song to keep it authentic. As many of your know, the Steam version of Kotor 2 has received a massive update . This came at somewhat of a surprise to many people, myself included but also...

On making mistakes.

Posted by Xuul, 27 June 2015 · 810 views

I might try to post a few of these every once and a while. I know I want to write out my thoughts on M4-78EP, SWOTOR and a few other things, but today I need to talk about

The error of my ways...

As always I feel the need to include some jazzy/swing style music. So here . For something more fun that could never be in a video: here

Everyone a...

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